Rap music can be interpreted several ways and newcomer to the game, Milli Marley, hopes people will relate to his story. Hailing from the Tidewater area of Virginia, also known as “7 Cities” Milli Marley tells tales of environment, how it has shaped him, and where it will take him. 

His hustle started from selling mix CDs he would make at home for other kids at school for a $1.00. Hearing the rapper 'Don Ferquan' who at the time had a hit record w/ 'Nas' called "Just A Moment" made him want to start rapping. Things started changing for him in about 2011 when his friend Black gave him a beat Lex Luger made at their studio. Milli Marley created a hit record called "Doin’ Me". It received a lot of traction and thing started to get better for him. Just entering the dreaded “20something” phase, Milli Marley uses his seven-year skill set to his advantage. Although he’s 25 years young, Milli Marley says he is still mastering his skills. He’s ready to open doors for himself with his music. 

The release of his CASH mixtape and his “VII” single gave him the breakthrough he needed; allowing him to gain more attention in and outside of his area. He continued to drop mixtape after mixtape like Half A Pint, Pablo, Backwoods, Mobbin’ and etc. Milli Marley is happy with the way his music is progressing. He is continuing on his journey to the top. In the past Milli Marley was affiliated w/ Midieast etc. he is currently working closely w/ DJ Tyson & his AMG imprint on expanding his own GET WITH A PLAN or #GWAP campaign.